An army marches on their bellies. This has been true since the dawn of time, and hasn’t stopped.

Cooking can be done at any cook pot or campfire. The kind of food created depends on the ingredients put in.

Cooking requires no skill for the basics, though you will have to practice to get better.

Food can be eaten on short rests, but no more than three times before a long rest. Dehydration isn’t a worry outside of the desert.

Foods can have wildly different effects depending on what they contain. The most common of which, is to restore hit dice when eaten.

Foods can keep you warm, cool you down, energise you, make you sleepy, protect you, heal you, improve your damage output, award temporary hitpoints, and many more effects I won’t bother to list here. The effects last for one full hour unless otherwise stated.

proper cooking requires atleast two ingredients to mix. Otherwise their properties will not be able to be conveyed in the dish.

Dishes can have a maximum of four ingredents. this allows for stacking buffs of the same type in one meal (Eg: Hearty Raddish x3= very hearty stew. giving you four times the number of temporary hit points.)

When mixing ingredients with different effects, the highest number of ingredients you put in dictates the type of meal (Eg Hearty Raddish x2 Endura carrot x1= hearty stew.) When you have an equal variety of ingredients, you can choose which food item you wish to use the effect of.

Using two conflicting ingredients will result in Dubious Food essentially ruining the ingredients.

The ingredients for both Cooking and Brewing can be found in the Native Ingredients tab of the wiki.


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