Elixirs can be brewed at any cooking pot or alchemists lab. Elixirs are meant to be mid-combat potions, designed to give an edge in a difficult fight. They carry all variety of effects based on the ingredients used in making them.

The ingredients desired for use in an Elixir must be mixed with monster parts. Horns, fangs, guts, brains, and all other manner of creature parts removed for the alchemical process.

Most elixirs last ten turns unless otherwise stated on their page.

It requires a bonus action to use an elixir.

Below is a list of all of the available elixirs. Within them are the links to the ingredients required to make them

Chilly Elixir
Electro elixir
Enduring Elixir
Fairy Tonic
Fireproof Elixir
Energizing Elixir
Hearty Elixir
Hasty Elixir
Mighty Elixir
Spicy Elixir
Sneaky Elixir
Tough Elixir


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