The campaign takes place in Hyrule, which is divided in to fifteen regions.

The Great Plateau is said to be where it all began. The kingdom of hyrule rose from the dust in this secluded flatland. It now lies abandoned, with only the runes of an old temple and rocks where homes once were to mark its former grandeur. There are few ways up, and few safe ways down again.

Hebra is an icy region in the Northwest, just to the east of the Tabantha Frontier. It is a harsh, cold climate. It contains the highest mountain in Hyrule, Hebra Peak.

Tabantha lies In the foothills of Hebra and contains is Rito Village, home of the Avariel elves.

Akkala is a beautiful region to the north east, with many forests, lakes, and grassy plains. It lies bettween Death Mountain to the west, and the Akkala Sea to the east with the lakes of Lanayru to the south. The area is largely unsettled now, but the Akkala Citadel Ruins are now home to some truly fearsome monsters. Many have tried to build on these fertile lands, but find the competition to be too great. The patron of this land is Din. Prayers are often offered to her before battles.

The Eldin region is a hot and mountainous area, in the Northeastern peaks to the west of Akkala and north of Lanayru. The area is full of peaks and mountains, with temperatures becoming hotter the closer one travels to Death Mountain. Home to lava pools and hot springs and the Dragonborn race. The volcanoes there are in a constant state of mild eruption and the flow of lava is very carefully regulated.

Lanayru covers a large area on the eastern end of Hyrule, and is home to the Selkies. It is comprised of long winding rivers and mountain peaks, emptying in to a large bog on the borders of Central Hyrule. Some of the higher peaks can be quite cold, but the region is considered otherwise temperate. The Selkie Domain is believed to be the source of all water in Hyrule.

Central Hyrule is located north of the Great Plateau and is mostly made up of open fields and rivers. The north end of Central Hyrule ends with Hyrule Castle and the ruined Castle Town surrounding it on all sides. It is home to most of Hyrules Wild Horses.

The Ridgeland is a geographically isolated bog thriving on the spirit of competition. There are said to be no permanent inhabitants, and serves as a proving grounds for many races.

The Great Hyrule Forest in its northern region is considered Feywild and home to the Druids of Korok. It is considered part of the Woodland Region, which has very unofficial borders reputed to be bigger on the inside.

Necluda remains one of the oldest population center. It’s a large valley area east of the Dueling Peaks and is bordered by Mount Lanayru to the north. It contains Kakariko Village, thought to be the last true Shadowborn settlement.

To the east lies the Hateno region, which was nearly untouched by The Calamity and to this day is the only settlement large and stable enough for routine scientific breakthroughs and archiving. It boasts Hateno Village, considered a thriving human town. The patron goddess of Hateno is Nayru. Prayers to her are often said before potentially risky experiments.

The Hylia region boasts the longest bridge in hyrule, over one of the most ancient lakes. In the depths you can find the undisturbed remains of countless battles.

The Faron region is a large tropical jungle area in the far southeastern part of Hyrule, tot he east of Lake Hylia and south of Hateno. It is comprised of dense jungles with high cliffs and peaks. It contains Lurelin Village, a small remote fishing that is none the less booming thanks to its Casino. The patron of this land is Faore. Prayers to her are often given before taking large risks.

Gerudo makes up the southwestern area of Hyrule. It is a hot, dusty area with scorching climates during the day and freezing temperatures at night. Nearly centered in the large desert is Gerudo Town, home of the amazonian Sand elves. No men are allowed in their capital, but the Kara Kara Bazaar is an outpost where all are welcome and considerably easier to get to. To the north in the always frigid Gerudo Highlands, are the Yiga clan. A small group of Shadowborn who have chosen to follow Calamity Gannon and wage war against all peaceful races in Hyrule.

The Wastes are considered to be the desert south of Gerudo, where the civilized and right minded do not tread. It is said that the desert stretches on beyond the boundaries of the world and in to the oblivion of space unregulated by time.



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